Vertex gets a green light to start a T1D practical cure trial which combines stem-cell derived insulin producing beta cells with cell protection.

A Timeline of ADA's answer to a letter offering big-picture suggestions about how to do more for a T1D cure by hiring lawyers and legal aggression

A letter outlining recommendations about how the ADA can do more for a T1D cure.

An February 9 article in the Wall Street Journal ('WSJ') laid bare two different approaches in discussion:  appointed versus elected.  Although the Yale debate is ongoing, this topic is worth the attention of all non-profit executives, including those working in Diabetes.

Longtime Diabetes Research Institute (DRI) scientist Dr. Alberto Pugliese, a very well-respected scientist who has focused his career on T1D, has been chosen to lead the T1D research program at the City of Hope. Overall, we are glad to see that these accomplished researchers, who have spent most of their careers on T1D,  are not shifting their focuse to other areas of research but remain very much focused on finding a T1D cure.

Dr. Matthias von Herrath has been chosen to succeed Camillo Riccordi as the leader of the Diabetes Research Institute ("DRI") at the University of Miami. The DRI is focused and will remain focused on type 1 diabetes.

A comprehensive look at the year's progress towards a T1D cure