Recommendations for the ADA to do More for a T1D Cure

In December of 2022, JDCA sent a letter to the American Diabetes Association's Board of Directors offering constructive suggestions about how the ADA might improve its impact on a T1D cure and win deeper support from the T1D community. The main thesis is that the ADA can do more for T1D and, by doing so, the ADA will grow stronger and potentially increase its fundraising revenue which is declining (-$86 Million per annum comparing 2021 versus 2012).

The suggestions, recommendations, and questions raised in the letter are based on surveys and comments collected from T1D financial supporters, volunteers, and families. 

The ADA's response to the letter was surprising. We did not receive a response on the material contents of the letter. We did receive a response from ADA lawyers asking us to remove confusion around a brand mark, which we did without issue. Then, the ADA lawyers escalated with additional demands that we believe were intended to suppress our voice and 1st Amendment rights, expending time and money that could have been used to further a T1D cure or, at minimum, a constructive reply to the material contents of the letter.

Click HERE to view the letter.