April 30, 2024

Thirteen years ago, the JDCA was founded to accelerate a cure for T1D. As the new team gained knowledge and understanding of the T1D ecosystem, they put down on paper a series of foundational findings and core beliefs to guide the organization’s work moving forward. 

The attached infographic takes a fresh look at how those findings and beliefs have held up and evolved over time. We found that they are just as true and important today as they were thirteen years ago. While we wish more had changed and that a cure was closer at hand, revisiting these is essential.

Sculpted by the understanding that despite well-intentioned promises of “a T1D cure being five years away!” and hundreds of millions of dollars raised for diabetes per annum, there has been little-to-no game-changing progress toward actually achieving a cure. Diabetes research funding remains unaligned with donor priorities, and a lack of accountability persists. The JDCA continues to advocate for a pivotal change where T1D cure research will be the primary focus and a Practical Cure will come to fruition within fifteen years.

The nine foundational findings and core beliefs have been sharpened by over a decade of T1D surveys, comprehensive research, and community involvement. They hold as much truth today as they did thirteen years ago. They are what we must implement to see real progress: they are the prerequisites to achieving a Practical Cure.

See below the JDCA’s Foundational Findings and Beliefs: 9 Prerequisites to a Practical Cure.