Key Points

  • 37% of JDRF's total 2018 income was used to fund research grants. See circle chart below.
  • Only 7% of JDRF income was used to fund cure research (in vivo) in 2018. Cure research spending is down 45% from $27m in 2014 to $15m in 2018.
  • Prevention research was the #1 research priority in 2018, receiving the most funding of any category, and more than doubling since 2014. See Appendix A.
  • The increase in Prevention research remains a key concern for people living with established T1D, as it highlights a clear JDRF strategy shift away from Cure research spending.
  • 451 grants were given during 2018 (compared to 387 in 2014). See Appendix C.
  • JDRF funded four Practical Cure Projects in 2018:
    • ViaCyte
    • UCSF Immunotherapy
    • Liraglutide at Benaroya
    • BCG-GCSF at Florida
  • The five largest recipients collected 19% of total grant funding ($15.8m). See Appendix D.
  • The 10 largest for-profit entities collected 11.8% of total grant funding ($10m). See Appendix E.

JDRF % of Total Income Spent by Research Category

In preparing this report, the JDCA reviewed every grant funded by JDRF during 2018, 451 projects in total (see Appendix C). The 451 research project abstracts are individually categorized by research type and development level. Source data, including research abstracts and financial information, is available to the public on the JDRF website.

Appendix A: JDRF Grant Amount by Category

Appendix B: JDRF Grant as Percent of Total Income by Category

Appendix C: JDRF Grant Count by Year

Appendix D: Top 25 JDRF Research Grant Recipients

Appendix E: Top Ten For-Profit Grant Recipients