This report examines JDRF's internal costs for administering research grants (expenses related to giving money to research projects including salary, bonuses, meetings, etc.). Over the past ten years, this cost has increased a staggering 350%. 

Key Highlights:

  • In 2018, $0.27 of every JDRF dollar given to research was used for internal administration costs. In 2008 it was only $0.06. See Appendix A.
  • Internal administration costs have increased over the past decade faster than any other expense category. See Appendix B. During the same ten-year time frame, actual research grant spending dropped in half.
  • If internal research administration costs had held at the 2008 level (percentage), an additional $21 million would have been directed to funding actual research in 2018.
  • It is unclear what benefit, if any, JDRF donors have gained from the increase.
  • JDRF has a responsibility to provide the T1D community with a clear rationale for the substantial increase in administration costs.
  • JDRF should actively evaluate whether or not the substantially higher internal costs have resulted in increased research achievements and accelerated progress toward a T1D cure.

Appendix A: JDRF Cost of Administering Each Dollar of Research Grants

Appendix B: JDRF Index Chart for All Major Spending Categories