JDRF released their 2018 audited financial statements last week. Key takeaways are detailed in the bullets below.

  • JDRF is an extremely effective fundraising organization. It raised $227 million in 2018. See Appendix A.
  • Nearly all of JDRF's money comes from fundraising.
  • JDRF spent (expenses) $208 million in 2018, up from $193 million in 2017. See Appendix B.
  • 37% of JDRF money spent in 2018 was used to fund research grants. The other 63% was used for non-grant expenses such as public education, lobbying, meetings, and salaries.
  • 67% of money spent in 2008 was used to fund research grants, while only 33% was used for non-grant expenses.
  • $156 million was spent on research grants in 2008, compared to only $84 million in 2018— a remarkable decline of nearly 50%.
  • All non-research costs have increased (with the exception of office rent) in recent years. See Appendix C.
    • Payroll and Related expenses have increased by $31.2 million since 2008, up 62%.
    • Public Education expenses have increased by $20 million since 2008, up 55%.
  • JDRF has never explained nor justified the rationale behind the strategic shift that resulted in a 50% reduction in research spending levels over the past decade.

Appendix A: Sources of Income

Appendix B: JDRF Uses of Income (Expenses)

Appendix C: 2008 vs. 2018 Annual Spending Change (In Millions)