*Note: Chart reflects United States T1D numbers.

This is the fifth annual survey-based report on the giving priorities of T1D donors. The key takeaway is the same as all prior years: the number one reason people make donations to diabetes charities and/or participate in fundraising activities such as walks and galas is to find a cure. On this point, the survey results are cut and dry.  The overwhelming majority of donors want their money to be used for research that seeks a cure for T1D.


  • Cure research is the main priority. 96% of survey respondents state they believe cure research should be the number one priority for all major diabetes charitable organizations.
  • People fundraise for cure research. Eight out of ten people say the main reason they participate in a fundraising walk is for T1D research, and six out of ten (63%) say the main reason is research to find a cure.
  • JDRF decline in research spending is putting donations at risk. Almost one in three people (30%) said they would stop giving once they found out only 38% of their donation was going to research.
  • Donors feel a Practical Cure would greatly improve quality of life. 95% of T1D donors believe that a Practical Cure would improve the quality of life for people currently living with T1D. This response is consistent with prior years.See Appendix A.
  • Almost all respondents want to give for Practical Cure research. 97% state that they would donate to Practical Cure research projects if that option was made easily available, marking a lucrative potential fundraising opportunity for the diabetes charities. See Appendix B.




This survey was conducted online in January 2017. All respondents are living in the United states and have T1D or have a family member with the disease. In addition, all respondents are active donors and/or participants in fundraising activities.