Diabetes Awareness Month Infographic: What is a Practical Cure?

The infographic provides the definition and clinical requirements of a Practical Cure, sometimes referred to as a "functional cure," for type 1 diabetes. 

Scientists have pursued a ‘perfect’ T1D cure for nearly 100 years. While that research has led to a better understanding of the disease, it's done little to improve the lives of people with T1D. A Practical Cure may or may not eradicate T1D from the body, but it will eliminate the daily challenges and long-term complications of the disease.

People with T1D overwhelmingly support the concept of a Practical Cure for T1D. When surveyed, 95% of T1D donors say they would give directly to Practical Cure research if that option was easily available to them. The outcomes listed below are determined, through surveys and conversations, by people living with the disease.