JDRF Infographic: 2/3 of JDRF Revenue Never Makes It to T1D Research

The infographic above provides a snapshot of how JDRF, one of the largest and most influential diabetes fundraising organizations in the U.S., uses its funds.

The key takeaway for the T1D audience is that over the past decade research grant funding has declined 46%, from $157 million in 2008 to $85 million in 2018. Currently, only 37% of JDRF annual income is attributed to research. This means 63% of JDRF income is spent on things other than research.

Although JDRF has strayed from its core mission of funding research to find a cure for T1D, as shown in the infographic above, we believe it is still the best-positioned organization to bring about a scientific breakthrough for T1D. By increasing T1D cure research spending, JDRF could align with its donor base, which has voiced a strong opinion to fund more T1D cure research, and follow-through on the cure-promise featured in their advertising.

To ensure your donation is used solely for the purpose of funding T1D cure research, the JDCA makes an easy to fill-out stipulation card to send with your donation (Click here to view/use). We also encourage you to share this infographic with friends and/or show it to your local JDRF chapter.

Finally, to support more cure research at the ADA and JDRF, sign the JDCA More for a Cure Petition, launching September 3.