ADA Infographic: Only 2.4% of Income Goes to T1D Research

The infographic above provides a snapshot of how the ADA, one of the largest and most influential diabetes fundraising organizations in the U.S., uses its funds. The main purpose of reviewing and sharing this data is to help ensure that the T1D community can make informed donation decisions. 

The key takeaway for the T1D audience is the majority of the ADA's research spending is allocated to type 2 diabetes, and only a small portion is attributed to T1D research. In 2018, the most recent year the data is available, only 2.4% of the ADA's annual budget was used specifically for T1D research.

In addition, each year the ADA hosts a number of fundraising events and activities, with the majority featuring some type of cure promise. In 2018, 100% of all ADA event advertising featured a promise to fund cure research.

Because the ADA is one of the largest diabetes fundraising organizations in the world, the JDCA believes it is also one of the best positioned organizations to help find a cure for T1D. By increasing T1D cure research spending, the ADA could align with its donor base, which has voiced a strong opinion to fund more T1D cure research, and follow-through on the cure-promise featured in their advertising.