Update on Emerging Practical Cure Projects

A few weeks ago the JDCA published a report identifying research projects in human trials that may result in a Practical Cure. We track these projects closely as they offer the best chance of being in market within the next 15 years.

We also track Practical Cure projects which may begin human trials in the next 24 months. This report provides a list of those projects, which will be updated every 6 months. We do not follow emerging projects as closely as those in human trials, so the report should be read as representative, not comprehensive.

The JDCA welcomes information on emerging Practical Cure research that is not represented below.

One high-visibility project that is not included in the list is Dr. Doug Melton’s work using stem cells to create beta cells. If successful, this work could be a key component of a Practical Cure. However, it is further than 24 months from human trials and, as a result, does not meet the qualifications for this list.