This is the sixth annual review of all active type 1 diabetes trials currently testing in humans. Each trial is classified into ten distinct categories. This is the first in a series of three reports; the following two reports will discuss specific projects in human trials that may result in a Practical Cure.

All FDA approved clinical trials are registered in and are publicly available. We included in this analysis all projects that were a) open but not yet recruiting, b) actively recruiting, c) enrolling by invitation, and d) active but no longer recruiting new participants.

Key Summary Points

  • 471 type 1 diabetes projects are currently underway in FDA-sanctioned human clinical trials.
    • 120 are Active, Not Recruiting
    • 24 are Enrolling by Invitation
    • 69 are Not Yet Recruiting
    • 256 are Recruiting
    • 2 Practical Cure projects which are completed and have not posted results are also included. (PC projects included from prior years are allowed three years to report data before being removed).
  • There are a currently 11 Practical Cure projects conducting a total of 15 trials. Said differently, only three percent of all active trials are pursuing a Practical Cure. This number has remained relatively consistent for the past five years while the number of total trials has increased:
  • 115 projects address "Glycemic Control." This is the largest concentration of projects and accounts for 47 percent of the trials.
  • 107 projects address “Disease Management,” which includes studies that examine the natural history of T1D, exercise, effects of diet, use of technology to aid in diabetes management, and large diabetes cohort studies.