Practical Cure Definition/Projects

Out of 382 projects in human clinical trials, only 7 target a type 1 Practical Cure.
Click on this link of Practical Cure Projects to find out information about their timeframes and progress.
What constitutes a Practical Cure? It must follow these guidelines:


  • Minimal Monitoring
  • Does not require blood glucose monitoring beyond once a week
  • Keeps A1C levels between 5 and 7.

  • Free Diet
  • Does not restrict a patient’s diet
  • Does not require carb counting

  • Reasonable Meds
  • If pharmacological, an easily managed regime

  • Sleep Worry Free
  • Allows patients to sleep care free

  • Minimal Side Effects
  • Best case: Zero side effects
  • Acceptable: Insignificant / non-invasive side effects

  • Fast Recovery (if surgical)
  • If surgical, less than 72 hours recovery