1. There will be no cure for type 1 within the next 10 years.  Through hope and optimistic characterizations, the current establishment has created a mindset with donors that a cure is on the horizon.  An independent analysis of the data supports our assertion that there will be no cure within the next ten years.
  2. We need an objective measurement system with integrity to assess progress in finding a cure.  The major type 1 fund-raising organizations have developed sophisticated, objective based fund-raising systems but not an objective based system that measures progress towards a cure.
  3. The real source of funding is from people who are seeking a cure – not treatments for complications or general research.  The industry’s efforts are not aligned with that desire.
  4. Unless you create a demand for a cure that is date certain, you will not get a focused response that is targeting a specific date.
  5. People’s innate gratitude that there is a charity to help fight for the cure has forestalled a healthy demand for accountability to donors. Donors are just happy to be contributing to the fight and not asking the questions one normally would in a natural business relationship.  This in turn causes the charity to not be as effective and efficient as it should be.
  6. Type 1 funding and research should not align itself with type II disease and community.  The idea that type 1 can benefit from type 2 because type II is 10 times more prevalent is a myth.  These are totally different diseases and provides false hope, justifies non-cure related findings, and hinders progress towards a cure for type I.
  7. We believe the cure will come from overwhelming support for a small, select group of initiatives versus a modest level of support for a large number of different projects. (e.g. The largest research foundation is currently funding 700+ projects)
  8. We are scientifically agnostic.  It is not our role to find a cure but to evaluate and analyze the likelihood that a particular organization and approach may reach the goal of finding a cure.  This analysis will assist direct donors to make contributions to organizations/projects that maximize the chance that a cure will be found